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Hirschel Cup

Region 62 Gameplay Rules Matrix and Lopsided Rule

Schedule for Hirschel Cup 2016

Congratulations to our 2015 Hirschel Cup 1st Place Teams

The Hirschel cup tournament is the Foster City end of season tournament named for Manny Hirschel who was one of the founders of Foster City AYSO. The winners advance to the 'Area' Tournament ( in early December.

Here are the rules/goals of the tournament:

NOTE: At times there are exceptions due to not enough teams, limited field space due to rain outs or construction, or coaches/teams being ineligible due to rule infractions during the regular season. Luckily none of the previously mentioned exceptions happen often.

  • All teams that played in the Fall season U10-U14 participate.
  • It starts after regular season play ends.
  • We try to have a double elimination tournament for every division if there are enough teams.
  • Fall regular season standings do not count toward seeding. This is considered a post-season tournament. All teams are placed by random draw into the tournament.
  • The winner from each division will move on to represent Foster City in the Area Tournament held in Foster City the 1st weekend of December.
  • The schedule is viewable on our website and
  • There are no rule changes from the fall season. If a team violates a rule the game may be forfeited. The rules that have been broken in the past and resulted in a forfeit are:
    • Failure to follow the 3/4 play time rule for all players.
    • Playing a single player in the goal more than the rules allow. This is not an option that the coach or player can choose to ignore.
    • Not having enough players for a match.
    • Not following the Lopsided rule.
  • Bad sportsmanship by one of the following:
    • Coaches
    • Parents
    • Players
The fall season rules apply in the Hirschel Cup and failure to follow them is automatic grounds for forfeit, especially the keeper and 3 quarters rules.

Manny Hirschel, the father of Foster City AYSO, still catches a game now and then.

Have Fun and Good Luck!